The FREE Center
Educating the public on renewable energy


The Free (Fenner Renewable Energy Education) Center is a grass-roots organization formed to educate the public on the benefits of renewable energy and other sustainable practices. We are located on-site at the Fenner Wind Farm in the heart of Central New York. Since late 2001, we have lived and/or worked amongst the 20 turbines that make up this 30 MW wind project. We organized to share our unique experience and to encourage others to embrace a clean energy future. To learn more, see related links.

Our Mission:

The FREE Center is dedicated to educating and raising awareness about the advantages, impacts and costs of renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro, solar and geothermal power as alternatives to non-renewable sources of energy.


  1. To build and maintain the FREE Center that will house public educational programs and support materials.
  2. To offer workshopsand seminars on renewable energy.
  3. To give tours of current wind-power and hydro-power operations.
  4. To become a recognized and reliable source of information about renewable energy sources in CNY.
  5. To network with other energy-related organizations for shared information and planning.
  6. To train volunteers to conduct trainings, gather information, up-date social media sources, prepare materials for presentations and promoting the FREE Center.
  7. To work with public officials to promote the FREE Center as a source of tourism and a leader in renewable energy education.
  8. To raise the necessary funds to conduct educational programs.

Donations are tax deductible and may be made payable to:

Fenner Renewable Energy Education Center

P.O. Box 186
Morrisville, New York  13408

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